Computer Problems

Don't know where to start?
Worried you might break it? 
Not sure why that popup just appeared?
Not sure how to save, restore your system?

Answered yes to one of the above then why not contact us

Website One Stop Design

Have you decided you would like to venture out into the Internet and have your own domain name but no website. You search looking for a website you like, or think you should try yourself. Are looking to have a nice clean inviting website?
We can help you get started. 
Site Design and development.
CMS (Allows you to look after the finished product)
Product Details (Photography of your products available)
Shopping Cart
Newsletters & Forms.

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Excel Solutions

Excel Spreadsheets present tables of values arranged in rows and columns that can be manipulated mathematically using both basic and complex arithmetic operations and functions. We can tailor a spreadsheet to your business. Get a quote online.


Logo Design

Is your existing logo a little dated? Can't think of an idea for your business? Is there something just not right, perhaps the colours are slightly off? We can design a new logo, give you the vector format file, allowing you to scale it for your business needs. See the Logo page

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PC Repairs

On-site support will include:
* Detect & pinpoint failures to specific hardware device
* Retest repaired or replaced devices to make certain that the defect has been eliminated.

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SOHO Networks

Do you require a computer network, server, shared printers, network storage setting up?
We can help with all of your networking requirements either Ethernet or Wireless Networks.
Contact us to discuss your network.

Support & Maintenance

Need ongoing support and maintenance for your computer?
We offer an ongoing maintenance and support package to ensure your computer(s) are working properly 24x7.
We can also remote into your computer while you are sitting there and make sure all things are working fine.

Virus, Spyware & Adware Removel

Does your computer run slow?

Does it take a while for it to do things ?

Is there some malicious software installed/loaded and may be to blame?

Malicious software may be in the form of a virus, spyware or adware. Most users are not aware that the system has been infected and not sure how it got there. The only time is when the system starts to perform badly, slowly or when complete failure occurs, all this can be avoided!

Contact us for a solution to your problem.

Internet Security & Firewalls

Are you secure? Are you protected?
The only real way to protect your data is not to connect to the Internet, but in today's world that is not really feasible. Contact us to discuss your internet security needs.

Web Hosting@

Web Hosting

Upgrade or New Computer

Is it time to buy a new computer or upgrade your current one? Is your computer constantly running slow? Does it have enough memory? We can advise you on your new purchase or help upgrade of your current hardware and migrate your data. Contact us for some ideas.

Cloud Backup and Recovery  

Bring your own device to work and back it up

We can prepare an entire business for recovery, even employees’ personal devices. All with no additional per device fee.

Contact us for a solution and pricing to protect your data. 

Mobile Phone Sync

Mobile sync your contacts, calendar into the cloud. Never lose a phone number or email again. Sync your phone, pc, mac and tablet all to the one place. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Microsoft Office Sharing

Microsoft office sharing allows workers out on the road to keep there files and emails sync'd. Work on a document in the field or home, then come to work and it is the same file. Talk to us about this possible solution for your office environment.

Network Diagram

Do you require your computer network to be documented. Have a Viso network diagram with your Domains, IP, DNS server address and all connections in and out of your network. Contact Us to facilitate this requirement.

Publish or Presentations

Are you preparing a presentation and need some help with your Presentation document. Contact us to discuss your requirements